Oklahoma County is a supportive and involved community that works to ensure children are healthy, safe, eager to learn, and ready to succeed by the time they enter school.

Our Solutions

  1. Local Level Systems Building:

    Mobilize the community to build an early childhood system that supports young children and their families in the most effective and efficient way possible.

  2. School Readiness Programming:

    Provide unique programming solutions that fill a gap in school readiness services and/or resources for young children and their families.

  3. Resource Development:

    Maintain and develop the resources needed to implement school readiness solutions in Oklahoma County.

What is school readiness?

School readiness is early development that enables a child to engage in and benefit from learning experiences at school and beyond. Whether or not a child is ready to learn is determined by families, communities, services and programs, and schools working together so children enter school ready to learn.